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Please Help Save Our Caring Historic 

United Church of Stonington 

“Help Protect Borough Owned Clock 

& Historic Landmark Church Property”

Here is our story...Neighbor of Parsonage on Trumbull Avenue started accusations in 2010 and has been exercising a perilous and unjust oil lawsuit since 2016 claiming fuel-oil pollution stemming from Parsonage underground storage tank that was removed in January 2006 by Service Station with clean, non-detect soil test. This suit has placed Church in precarious financial position to defend against this false claim. 

· During Discovery and Trial, critical information was revealed that led to the August 2018 trial court finding in favor of the Church on all counts. However, we have incurred hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs ($500,000 so far) and now ongoing legal fees to defend ourselves against the neighbor’s appeal. 

· Prior to this lawsuit, our church was financially solvent with a solid endowment reserve. 

· So, we are calling on all citizens to help protect the Borough Owned Clock and Historic Landmark Church Property from this life-threatening financial assault.  


Please join us on Sundays at 10:30 am for our service

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