Hook Pipe Organ

Photograph: Len Lavasseur, 2008-05-08


Photograph: Annie Filban, 2015-06


United Church of Stonington is dually aligned with the United Church of Christ and the American Baptist Church, making us truly diversified. We genuinely welcome you here, regardless of who you are or where you are in life's journey. We are warmhearted, compassionate and attentive to each other's needs, celebrating events in each other's lives. We are family-oriented and provide childcare on Sunday mornings. We strive to carry out the mission of the Church with utmost integrity.


Join us at 10:30 am Sunday mornings, where worship combines elements of prayer, reflection, music, singing, teaching, instruction and communion. God has given these gifts to each of us, that our lives and our community may be enriched with the blessings and joy that these gifts bring.

Music at United Church of Stonington reflects our worship of God through gifts and instruments. The hymns and songs of the church teach faith to those who inquire and worship, and they reveal our feelings and relationship with God.


"A hymn is the praise of God with song; a song is the

exultation of the mind dwelling on eternal things,

bursting forth in the voice."  Thomas Aquinas

The historical Church Clock, in a recently

restored steeple, is owned and regulated

by the Borough government that

maintains the clock fund.

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