Wherever You Are on Life's Journey, You're Welcome Here.

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put "HOPE into ACTION"!

Please share your hopes, thoughts and ideas for recreating the United Church of Stonington with us!  

email: theunitedchurchofstonington@gmail.com

New Fundraiser (Ends Jan 12, 2020)

Your AVON purchase can help us!  



Between 15 - 40% of your purchase will be donated back to UCS to help defray litigation costs. For more information contact Carolyn Host, our borough AVON Representative at:


148 Water St. Stonington Borough, CT 

860-961-4661 or carolyn9678@gmail.com

Thank you Carolyn, for all your support and kindness!

"Wherever you are on life’s journey, you’re welcome here! We extend a special welcome to those who are single, married, divorced, widowed, gay, lesbian, transgender, cisgender, queer, celibate, confused, rich, comfortable, poor, any

race, and any religion.


We extend a special welcome to wailing (!)

babies and excited toddlers. We welcome you whether you sing like Pavarotti or just growl quietly to yourself.


You’re welcome here if you’re just browsing, just woken up or just got out of prison. We don’t care if you’re more Christian than the Archbishop of Canterbury, or haven’t been to church since Christmas years ago.

   We welcome you if you are having problems, are down in the dumps, or don’t like organized religion, or are here because Granny is visiting and wanted to come to church.

  We welcome those who are inked, pierced, both or neither. We offer a special welcome to those who could use a prayer right now or just got lost in the Borough and wound up here by mistake. We welcome pilgrims, tourists, seekers, doubters and YOU!"

(Adapted from Coventry Cathedral’s Welcome Statement)

We are a federated (blended) congregation of The American Baptist Churches in the United States and the United Church of Christ.

       Top 5 Questions from First-time Visitors:


• Do you accept LGBT people unconditionally? Yes. 


• What should I wear? Clothes.

• Do I have to give money? No.

• What does your church believe? 

As the United Church of Stonington

we share a common endeavor

to discern God’s will through the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. 

• How do I actually get to your church? 

Good question. We sometimes have trouble finding it ourselves. See Directions listed here under the "Directions" tab.

       Top five Questions from those seeking membership:

• Do you accept LGBT people unconditionally? Yes.

• Do I have to give a certain amount of money? No.

• Do I have to attend a certain number of services per monthNo.

• Do I have to follow a certain set of beliefs? No.

• Do I have to serve on a committee or help in some way? Probably.




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